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what is a "peter pan" mj fan sorry ive never heard that term before lol





basically a fan who is against the sexual side of MJ. They don’t like to think of him or talk about him having sex, they deny that he had a porn collection and they dislike anything that has to do with him sexually. Basically they’re pro “childlike” MJ but won’t deal with sexual matters when it comes to him.

Dude was a man, they need to deal

Wow we are labeling MJ fans now? Somehow I don’t think MJ would like that.  We are all fans. However we choose to see him.  No one “needs to deal” or be forced into believing he was one way or another. Truth is, none of us really know for sure, do we?  All we have to go on is what we read.  And even that is iffy. 


I… I’m not sure what to think about this. Of course, I respect a lot of what my fans say or think. Still this makes me wonder how much of me these fans are aware of.


Britney Spears talking about Michael Jackson (2003) Requested by : alessialive13

Ya know, I would have been OKAY with that… if her and MJ got together… they’re both sort of meek souls that the world has sorta schooled… despite the age difference… but that’s probably why he wasn’t interested.  They could have been friends, though, as she said. <sigh>

At least she supported him. Good for her.


Fan tries to meet Michael


Fan tries to meet Michael

He was the best father anybody could have. He raised us the right way and there is nothing anyone can do to make us forget about him.
Prince Jackson (via childrenppb)

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U ok, Sheryl?